Portrait Commissions

Something Beautiful Awaits You

Art holds our stories, memories, inspirations and aspirations. As a visual story teller, I believe in the power of art and will honor your vision so that it enriches your life and all those with whom you share space.

Together we can make your space feel like a slice of heaven! No matter your style or budget, I ensure you receive value for your investment!

Commission Process & Pricing

STEP 1: Select your preferred portrait size and framing from the listing below:

Size Unframed Framed
11" x 14" (1 face max) $475 $675
12" x 16"  ( 2 face max) $625 $875
16" x 20" (2 faces max) $800 $1,100
18" x 24" (2 faces max) $1,200 $1,550
22" x 30" (3 faces max) $1,850  $2,250

Note: Unframed artwork should be framed within 6 months of receipt.
Larger sizes are available upon request.
Prices listed above do not include shipping and handling.

STEP 2: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to commencement. 

STEP 3: You may provide the photo(s) of your choice subject to size and quality. Photo references must be direct (i.e. not angled), clear, and without glares or large tears. If preferred, I'm  happy to capture images during a short photo session (photo session fee $200).

STEP 4: After receiving your photos, I will confirm receipt together with the expected timeline for completion. On average commissions have a 4 week timeline. Only archival materials are used to complete your commission. This ensures your fine art purchases stand the test of time and grow in value for years to come.

STEP 5: Upon completion, an invoice for the balance will be issued. Payment is required prior to shipping/delivery of the art piece. If you have opted for framing, your piece will be professionally framed prior to shipment. For streamlined delivery worldwide, I utilize trusted services like DHL and FedEx. Clients will be provided with the shipping details (i.e. tracking information).